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Between the French inspired cuisine and typical delicacies — like mussels and seafood served with French fries as a snack or as a main course — it’s impossible to eat poorly in Brussels.


In addition to the variety of restaurants and cafes, Belgium’s capital offers a unique gastronomic experience to its visitants: prepare yourself for street food. Minute maid waffles, delicious chocolates, French fries sold in paper cups, cheese and even waterzooi, a typical stew made with fish or chicken.

Enjoy the different and unique gastronomic experiences in Brussels and don’t forget to take a break to taste one of the many beer brands that are famous all over the country. A toast to these delicacies!


If you really want to take some time to appreciate the delicious Belgium beers, why don’t you visit one of the most famous bars in town? Delirium Cafe is a part of “Guinness Book of Records” as the bar with the biggest amount of beers in the world!