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There is still a great discussion about the origin of french fries, but if you are a fan you have chosen the perfect destination to find them everywhere and with an irresistible flavor.


The french fries are delicious. Everyone loves these golden potato sticks, which are ideal as snack or accompaniment. This evidence is unequivocal, but the true origin of gastronomic delights is still being discussed today.  

The "battle" for the original signature exists mainly between France and Belgium. According to the Belgian historian Jo Gerard, the first references to french fries appeared in 1680.  

Spain also enters in this dispute, but although it has not yet come to a conclusion, it is certain that, when visiting Brussels, you should explore this national dish and meet various friteries.


The techniques used to keep the potato delicious have been improved by the Belgians for a long time and they are part of the consumption of street food.  

Usually, french fries are placed in a cone, which makes it easier to devour each toothpick as you walk through the streets of Brussels.  

They are usually accompanied with salt and mayonnaise, but the sauces options can be varied. Of course, salt is the main element to enhance the taste of french fries.


The excellence of this product is mainly due to the use of Bintje potatoes. Cultivated in Belgium, this potato is considered the ideal for frying. In addition, the cooking has two stages and they can use fat for frying. Is your mouth watering already?