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If you’re looking for some delicacies to take back home or simply for the latest news on European fashion, shopping around Brussels is like a dream come true!


Right between Place de la Monnaie and Place Charles Rogier — there’s where you’ll find the famous Rue Neuve. On this pedestrian street you’ll see fashion stores and brands for all tastes — and wallets! A must see for all the fashion lovers.
Glamorous and with an unmistakable architectural style, the Saint-Hubert Galleries were built in 1874 and still have that antique and charming look. Another mandatory stop in Brussels!





Feeling tempted by the Belgium chocolate? Going to Brussels and miss the different kinds of chocolate is like committing a sin!
It’s not hard to find one of the many chocolate stores in town, but it will be easier if you find yourself in Place du Grand Sablon, where every single store is selling hundreds of chocolate varieties. Irresistible!