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Northern Cabinda is home to a great Angolan treasure: Maiombe, one of Africa’s largest tropical forests!

The Maiombe Forest is part of the Kakongo Forest Reserve – a large protected area located in the northern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This great tropical forest is one of the largest in the African continent, covering an area of 290,000 hectares. Visitors are always impressed by the lush green landscape, the thick woodlands and the diverse and thriving ecosystem.


Abundant quantities of precious woods such as ebony, African sandalwood and African blackwood can be found at Maiombe, where trees are often over 50 metres tall. The fauna is equally impressive: rare bird species, gorillas, chimpanzees and even elephants.



To travel to the Maiombe Forest, rent a car and follow the road heading to the municipalities of Buco-Zau and Beli