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The best view of Cape Town is from Table Mountain. Climb to the city's highest peak and enjoy the show!

Table Mountain is a South African tourist and historical landmark, a mountain range in the Western Cape whose highest peak is 1,086 meters high.

At the top you will find a variety of plant and animal species as well as a self-service coffee house and wi-fi room.


Enjoy the climb to the highest point of Table Mountain: you can take the cable car and be at 3,500 feet in less than 5 minutes! The cable car also gives you a great view of the city as you get a 360° rotation.

Another suggestion: you can go for a walk on one of the 300 local paths, with the help of a guide who will take you to the most charming places. When you reach the top, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty that awaits you.

You should also know that the cable car has transported more than 25 million people, an average of 800 people per hour.


At the base of the cableway there is a water reservoir with a capacity of 3,000 liters: it serves as a water supply for visitors.