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Germany’s national drink is alcoholic, apple favoured and combines perfectly with every type of food. Curious enough to try it?


Apfelwein is a apple flavoured wine — somehow similar to apple cider — and it was originally produced in Hessen. Because it’s made with Granny Smith and Bramley apples, the flavour is fruity and a little acid. With a golden colour, it can have a volume of alcohol from 4 to 7% and it’s usually served in blue recipients — usually called Bembels.
After beer, it’s the favourite drink in Frankfurt and one of the most popular in the country. On the festival that shares the same name, Apfelwein is the chosen drink for german producers to promote the quality of their fruit.
Enjoy your stay to see the city’s suburbs and get to know the apple fields where Apfelwien comes from.


You may not believe it, but this drink was actually used as a medicine to fight some diseases! Just like a cup of tea, Apfelwein must be served hot, with a cinnamon stick and a drop of lemon.
The original recipe is from the 11th century and was brought to Germany by the Spanish people. When they first realized that vitamin C was actually a great way to prevent some diseases, they couldn’t get enough of this!



Did you know Apfelwein is also known as Ebbelwoi, Äbbelwei, Apfelwoi, Eppler, Äppelwoi and Apfelmost?