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Celebrate the flavour of traditional Apfelwein in an entertaining festival dedicated to the Main river’s delicious cider!

Apfelwein, or “Apple Wine”, is part of Frankfurt’s daily life: it is the traditional beverage of the city and the Main river region, a kind of cider with a centuries-old history. Every year, to celebrate this heritage, the Apfelweinfestival (Apple Wine Festival) takes place. This major event boasts a full programme of entertainment, folklore and culture, and takes place at the Rossmarkt - a street market where many varieties of Apfelwein may be bought, as well as Apfelwein-drinking paraphernalia (such as the “bembel”, a blueish earthenware jug that is traditionally used to pour the cider).



The festival takes place during August at the Rossmarkt. besides car or taxi, you can also get there by catching a train or subway to Hauptwache. For more information, check the festival’s page at the official Frankfurt tourism website.


The festival also includes folk music concerts, dances, poetry readings in Hessian (a local dialect)... and of course, cocktails and Apfelwein tasting events!