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We’re talking about a charming square, surrounded by historical houses and also a stage of important celebrations. Discover what the most touristic square in town has to offer!

Between Main River and Paulsplatz square, there’s where you’ll find the most visited square in Frankfurt!

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a walk and discover the details of gothic architecture and German churches, located in the most crowded and noble part of the city.

The square is made by three iconic houses and has the same name as the central house — Römer. On the left, you’ll see Alt Limpurg and look to your right side to see Löwenstein. Together, the houses are the most characteristically trio of the old Germanic empire.

After the Second World War, the city watched its most famous square getting destroyed by the bombs. Nowadays the square is rebuilt with its original style and it’s still one of the main squares in Frankfurt!


But the real story of Römerberg is not only made of war. This square already watched the coronation of roman emperors, hosts the Mainfest in August and the expected Christmas market in December.

Enjoy your days in Frankfurt and don’t forget to visit the Fountain of Justice, right in the middle of the square, and another two mandatory stops:  Altes Rathaus and Kaisersaal.


Visit house Römer and discover the main hall (Kaisersaal) and all the statues of German kings and emperors from Friedrich Barbarossa (1152) to Franz II (1806). In the imperial saloon, you’ll find all the 52 oil paintings of the emperors that ruled Germany, thousands of years ago.