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They are the perfect couple. A harmonious Cuban union. The rum and cigar are the two specialties that you must taste.


Cuban rum is the base of Mojito, Daikiri and Cuba Libre - some of the main rhythmically prepared cocktails in Havana.
In its aged version, you can feel the unmistakable sweet taste of sugar cane and feel the new notes of Cuban tobacco leaves.
For fans of this beverage, a visit to the Rum Havana Club Museum is compulsory. Here you will learn about the process of making the rum and you can even take some bottles of this traditional Cuban liquor with you.


The result of a combination of seeds, soil and climate, Cuban cigars are widely regarded as among the best in the world. The most famous brands include Montecristo and Cohiba.
According to experts, the clearer the ashes, the better the quality! And what is the best thing to go with cuban cigars? All Cubans will tell you the same thing: Rum, of course!


If you want to buy rum and cigars before going home, bear in mind the maximum amount permitted by law: two bottles of rum and two boxes of 25 cigars per passenger. For higher amounts, the presentation of the purchase invoice is mandatory (the invoice must be delivered to you at the moment of purchase).