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A city where time has stopped and where the fast pace of the present is in harmony with the melancholy of the past. Come meet El Malecón!

The perfect division between the historic buildings and the sea is a boulevard. This is the perfect place for evening walks under the light of sunset. An almost utopian backdrop where you can enjoy the evening in the city, where the children who play during the day return to the comfort of their homes and give way to the youngsters that liven up the city's nightlife.
From Habana Vieja to Vedado, El Malécon stretches out for 8 kilometers and is the place where locals and tourists gather, surrounded by the sound of music and the rhythm of salsa.
In El Malécon you can discover the old Havana, a rustic symbol of the country’s glory, right next to the Paseo del Prado. But people usually continue their trip all the way to the square of Castillo San Salvador de la Punta, where everyone says goodbye to one day and welcomes to next.


Get to know this postcard-worthy boulevard by riding the local traditional classic cars that serve as taxis.
Although the transport options are varied - Bicitaxi, cocotaxi or normal taxi - the classics are the ones that mesmerise tourists. Ride down the boulevard and feel the magical atmosphere of the city!
Watch the sun shining in old buildings while sitting comfortably in a car as traditional as it is symbolic.



Built in 1901 during the US military regime, the boulevard was the solution to protect the city from stormy waters and enemy attacks. Over time, the strategic aspect disappeared and gave way to one of the most typical places of the city.