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In the Huambo region, among the green forest and small villages, you will find Angola highest peak - Mount Moco!

About 42 km to the southwest of the city of Huambo, south of Luimbale, in the Ekunha municipality, we can find the Mount Moco, - at 2,620 meters, it is Angola’s highest peak. A true challenge for rappel enthusiasts! Furthermore, slopes of moco are covered by a green mountain forest of the kind typically found in this region - a thriving ecosystem that houses several local bird species, many of which are endangered. The landscape is perfect for bird watching and canoeing.


Mount Moco stands near the border between the provinces of  Huambo and Benguela, 10 kilometres away from the Huambo-Lobito road, near the town of Ussoque. Access to the mountain can be done through a road that begins 500 metres to the east of Ussoque - however, it should be noted that you should use a 4x4 vehicle.