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 Visit the amazing Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary, a paradise for apes - and help to protect an endangered species!

If there is one place you absolutely must visit in Kinshasa, it’s this one of sure: Lola Ya Bonobo, the great sanctuary for Bonobos, a species of apes that, like the chimpanzees, is closely related to humans! Due to environmental pressures and poaching, the Bonobos are an endangered species - a situation that led to the creation of this wildlife reservation whose aim is to protect these friendly creatures. The name of both the sanctuary and its organisation - Lola Ya Bonobo - means “Bonobo Paradise” in Lingala, one of the main languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


When you visit this park, you will be helping to protect these apes and maintain this natural park. Discover the sanctuary and meet the Bonobo families. Go for a tour of the area, and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Besides guided tours, you can also book a stay at the sanctuary’s lodgings, right in the middle of the Bonobos’ natural habitat!



The sanctuary is located just south of the suburb of Kimwenza at the Petites Chutes de la Lukaya, Kinshasa. For more information, check the Lola Ya Bonobo official website If you wish to book a stay, fill out the form at  

The cost of a visit or stay is a donation to the Lola Ya Bonobo organisation.