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Vast plains stretch into the horizon, teeming with wildlife - welcome to the the Cameia National Park!

125 kilometres to the east of the city of Luena, in the Moxico Province, we find a great wildlife reserve surrounded by important Angolan geographical landmarks: the Benguela railroad to the north, the Luena river to the south, the Lumege river to the west and the Zambeze river to the east. The Cameia National Park was established in 1957 and occupies an area of 14,450 km². It is an integral part of the Brachystegia Biome, a vast ecosystem that includes the sandy Loudetia plateau and plains routinely flooded by the Zambeze.


An extensive local network of rivers and water channels supports the richness of the local fauna. Those who venture through this beautiful landscape will be able to meet the lion, the leopard, the cheetah, the hippopotamus, the spotted hyena and the roan antelope (palanca vermelha), as well as other less well-known creatures such as the  potamochoerus (a curious-looking hairy wild pig), the lechwe and the sitatunga (other local antelope species).




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