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To the west, not far from Maputo, right in the Indian Ocean, you find a true natural paradise - the island of Inhaca!


Get on a boat, and 30 km to the west of the Bay of Maputo you can make landfall at the Island of Inhaca - a local paradise where you can discover the natural beauty of the Mozambican coast.
You can relax on the beaches, go scubadiving and explore the coral reefs, take pictures of pelicans and flamingos, or... who knows, you might be lucky enough to see the dolphins and whales that cross the waters of the Indian Ocean!



This is the ancestral territory of the Tsongas, a local Banto tribe. The arrival of the Portuguese during the 16th Century brought some changes to the local life - as time went by, the island attracted a population of fishermen. During the 20th Century, the island’s natural beauty was a catalyst for the local tourism industry and also led to the establishment of a natural reserve



The island can be accessed by boat or airplane. Due to its status as a natural reserve, it is important to be careful with trash and contact with local species.
For more information, contact the Mozambique Tourism Office.