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Visit Mupa and meet the Angolan giraffe!

The Mupa National Park was created in 1938  and its main purpose is the protection of the Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis, an Angolan subspecies of the giraffe. It is also a sanctuary for several bird species. The Park spreads out across an area of 6,600 km², between the Calanga river to the north, the Cafu zootechnical station to the south, the Cunene and Calanga rivers to the west and the Evale road to the east. 

The landscape features a transition between the thick woodlands of the  Brachystegia Biome and the dry climate and soil ot the Arid Southwestern Biome. Historically, the Park has suffered environmental damage caused by the local farmers use of land for animal grazing (there are over 100 small villages within the Park’s territory). Currently, the conservation effort has been intensified.


For more information visit the Mupa National Park webpage or get in touch with the Angolan Department of Biodiversity.