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Don’t leave São Paulo without doing some shopping in Latin America's largest open air mall!

Long and full of life, the 25 de Marçostreet is quite rightly one of São Paulo’s main attractions: over 1 km of shops, galleries and street vendors selling every kind of merchandise you can imagine; 400,000 visitors every day (the figure goes up to 1 million during holiday seasons); and then there’s also the notoriety that comes from being considered Latin America’s largest open air shopping mall! The history of the 25 de Março as a place of trade goes back to the 19th Century, a time when several Arab immigrants were established here and began opening up their own shops.


its great development and success began during the 1960’s: from this point on, cheap prices and variety of products (clothing, food, toys and electronics) attracted an increasing number of clients and stimulated the opening of even more stores: nowadays, 25 de Março, along with some nearby streets, boasts more than 3,500 outlets. There is no way you can leave this place without a couple of shopping bags!


To get to 25 de Março and avoid the typical São Paulo traffic, catch the subway and get off at São Bento station.

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