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Avant-garde, multicultural, creator of tendencies and costumes, walking in São Paulo is a complete experience for all the five senses.

Always on a hurry — but always fashionable — São Paulo is the real New York of Brazil. On the most modern part of town, Paulista Avenue is the perfect place to enjoy the fashion, the culture and the busy spirit of this city.
If you’re not afraid of highs, go all the way up into the tower of Banespa’s building — inspired on the Empire State Building — to enjoy the amazing view over the city.


Among the modern buildings and the skyscrapers, there’s some space left for culture and tradition.
Take a tour on the city’s historic centre and don’t forget to pass by Pateo do Collegio, São Francisco’s square, Marco Zero and the amazing Sé’s Cathedral.
Ibirapuera Park is like an oasis on the city: it’s a mandatory stop to relax by the lake or to enjoy one of the many cultural activities promoted every day. When the night comes, go out to have a traditional “chopinho” in Vila Madalena or go to dance on the clubs and bars of Vila Olímpia.


Do you like museums and cultural activities? São Paulo is a city that breathes culture.
Go and watch a concert at the Municipal Theatre, visit the big museums like Masp, Ipiranga Museum, the Museum of Portuguese Language or even the amazing Pinacoteca, both on Luz neighbourhood.

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