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Taste a typical São Paulo flavour! Take a bite in a bauru sandwich to enjoy real “Paulista” gastronomy.

It was at the Ponto Chic restaurant in Largo do Paissandu in the city of São Paulo in the 1930s, that Casimiro Pinto Neto, a customer of the bar, challenged a cook to prepare a sandwich that would gain gastronomic fame in São Paulo and Brazil.

"Bauru" is named after Pinto Neto’s native city. An appetizing delicacy consisting of french bread, slices of roast beef, a mixture of 4 types of cheeses (cheese plate, steppe, gouda and swiss), tomato and pickles. 

The recipe was even made official by a municipal law passed in 1998, by the city council of Bauru. 

Nowadays, there are variations of ingredients from the original "bauru". But if you are visiting São Paulo, look for the authentic version to taste the true identity of this famous sandwich, known in all Brazil. 

Enjoy your meal!


Visit Ponto Chic restaurant to taste the real "bauru", at Largo do Paissandu, No. 27.

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