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The Saint Silvester Road Race is an annual tradition in São Paulo and takes place on the last day of each year.

In 2018, the Saint Silvester Road Race has its 94th annual consecutive edition, on its way to the centennial that will happen in 2024. If you are a fan of sports and jogging in particular, and if you are planning to spend the new year’s eve in São Paulo, take the opportunity to participate in this race to feel imbued with the sports spirit of São Paulo, on December 31. 

Saint Silvester Road Race is a 15 kilometers course, which passes through the most emblematic areas of the city. An authentic touristic route, in sport mode, which brings together about 30.000 participants from various corners of the world, both professional and amateur, who celebrate sports on the streets of São Paulo.


Saint Sylvester, the pope of the 4th century, deceased and was canonized on the day of December 31, gives the name to the São Paulo’s Race, honouring a holy day. 

Organized for the first time on the last day of the year 1925, by the initiative of a journalist and lawyer of the São Paulo society - Cásper Líbero, passionate about sport, and inspired by a Parisian race in which the sportsmen made the journey at night, illuminating the race with torches, decided to import the concept into Brazil and São Paulo. 

This Race, which has almost 100 years, undergone regulatory changes over the years, from being performed at night and only by Brazilian men participants, to be an International Race with participants from all around the world, which takes place usually in the morning, with plural participation, both men and women. 

In 1967, the Saint Silvester Road Race was considered a tourist attraction, becoming part of the São Paulo tourist calendar, with the Official Decree.


To learn more about the history and organization of the Saint Silvester Road Race, visit the website.

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