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Official dish on Mondays in São Paulo, appeared in the seventeenth century to feed explorers. Come and taste Virado à Paulista!

Did you know that in the city of São Paulo, are estimated to be sold 500 000 Virados à Paulista per week?
The origin of this dish goes back to Brazilian expeditions when was necessary to prepare rich foods to feed the explorers.
Initially, the meat, beans and maize flour were prepared and offered to the explorers that by putting the food inside the backpacks, it started to roll and clinch, giving the dish, the name “Virado à Paulista”.


 Virado à Paulista is considered a full meal because of its ingredients and nutritional variety. The traditional recipe includes ingredients such as baked bean, bacon, garlic, onions, maize flour and eggs.
Prepare the bacon on its own fat, add garlic and onion. Add the beans and hot water. Add the spices and maize flour. Once cooked, serve with rice, cabbage, sausage and eggs.



The dish was taken to Minas Gerais where it was renamed “Tutu à Mineira”. Here, the recipe has undergone through some changes as whole beans led to ground beans.

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