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Some types of objects are not allowed aboard as hand luggage because their features make them liable to disturb security/safety aboard the aircraft.

Find out which objects are not allowed:

Any object that is capable of (or appears to be capable of) shooting projectiles and causing injury, such as:

  • Firearms of all types (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.);
  • Firearm replicas or imitations;
  • Firearm component parts (excluding telescopic sighting devices and sights);
  • Air pistols and air rifles;
  • Signal flare pistols;
  • Alarm pistols;
  • Toy guns of all types;
  • Ball-bearing guns;
  • Industrial bolt and nail guns;
  • Crossbows;
  • Slings;
  • Underwater hunting weapons;
  • Cattle slaughter pistols;
  • Stun or shocking devices, e.g. cattle prods, ballistic conducted energy weapons (taser);
  • Lighters shaped like a firearm;

Pointed or bladed articles capable of causing injury, such as:

  • Axes and hatchets;
  • Bows and arrows;
  • Crampons;
  • Harpoons and spears;
  • Ice axes and ice picks;
  • Ice skates;
  • Lockable or flick knives with blades of any length;
  • Knives, including ceremonial knives, with blades of more than 6 cm, made of metal or any other material strong enough to be used as a potential weapon;
  • Meat cleavers;
  • Machetes;
  • Open razors and blades (excluding safety or disposable razors with blades enclosed in cartridge);
  • Sabres, swords and swordsticks;
  • Scalpels;
  • Scissors with blades more than 6 cm in length;
  • Ski and walking/hiking poles;
  • Throwing stars (shurikens);
  • Professional tools that have the potential to be used as a pointed or edged weapon, e.g. drills and drill bits, box cutters, utility knives, saws of all kinds, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches/spanners, blow-torches, etc.;

Any blunt instrument capable of causing injury, including:

  • Baseball and softball bats;
  • Clubs or batons, rigid or flexible (e.g. billy clubs, blackjacks, nightsticks and batons);
  • Cricket bats;
  • Golf clubs;
  • Hockey sticks;
  • Lacrosse sticks;
  • Kayak and canoe paddles;
  • Skateboards;
  • Billiard, snooker and pool cues;
  • Fishing rods;
  • Martial arts equipment, e.g. knuckledusters, clubs, coshes, nunchakus, kubatons, kubasaunts;

Any explosive or highly combustible substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the security/safety of aircraft or property, including:

  • Ammunition;
  • Blasting caps;
  • Detonators and fuses;
  • Explosives and explosive devices;
  • Replica or imitation explosive material or devices;
  • Mines and other explosive military stores;
  • Grenades of all types;
  • Gas and gas containers (e.g. butane; propane; acetylene; oxygen) in large volume;
  • Fireworks; flares (in any form) and other pyrotechnics (including party poppers and toy caps);
  • Non-safety matches;• Smoke generating canisters or cartridges;
  • Flammable liquid fuel (e.g. petrol/gasoline; diesel; lighter fluid; alcohol; ethanol);
  • Aerosol spray paint;
  • Turpentine and paint thinner;
  • Alcoholic beverages exceeding 70 % by volume (140 % proof);

Any chemical or toxic substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the security or safety of aircraft or property, including:

  • Acids and alkalis (e.g. spillable ‘wet’ batteries);
  • Corrosive or bleaching substances (e.g. mercury, chlorine);
  • Disabling or incapacitating sprays (e.g. mace, pepper spray, tear gas);
  • Radioactive material (e.g. medicinal or commercial isotopes);


  • Infectious or biological hazardous material (e.g. infected blood, bacteria and viruses);
  • Material capable of spontaneous ignition or combustion;
  • Fire extinguishers.