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A passenger is considered a medical case when he/she is suffering from a clinical condition is dependent on the help of other people and/or requires personalized assistance.
This condition must be declared at the time of flight booking and the medical doctor in charge of the patient must fill out a document (MEDIF) describing the diagnosis. This document will then be analyzed by the airline's medical services.


Whenever a passenger with a medical condition requiring a stretcher needs to travel, he/she must be accompanied by a doctor or nurse, preferably traveling in the same passenger class. The booking must contain details on the ambulance at both departure and arrival (departure hospital and destination). The booking must also contain the passenger's or escort's contact at the departure location. This facility only exists in the Economy class.


Whenever an oxygen supply is required, the passenger must travel accompanied by someone who knows how to administrate the oxygen, preferably a doctor or nurse.
The passenger may carry supplementary medicinal oxygen, as long as it complies with the guidelines of the equipment's relevant medical chart. The aircraft crew is not allowed to provide oxygen administration.


If a passenger suffered a lower limb fracture, causing the limb(s) to become immobilized, and requires space for his/her legs, an extra seat may be arranged to allow support for the fractured limb for the duration of the flight.
Extra seats may also be used to carry fragile or extra-size baggage, musical instruments, or a diplomatic courier bag. To get more information or make a booking, please get in touch with the relevant booking department.