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Here lies to rim of Angola’s Central Plateau. An impressive rocky abyss is the gateway to the ocean. Welcome to Tundavala!

The Tundavala Gap is the main natural and geological attraction of the Huíla province. This awe-inspiring abyss near Lubango is located right at the rim of the Serra da Leba mountain range. From here onwards, Angola’s Central Plateau abruptly drops from over 2 kilometres high to just 1 km, takes on a curious wave-like form and extends westwards towards the Namibe beaches.


Here, one can take a deep breath and enjoy amazing panoramic views in all directions: the amazing rocky landscape of the surrounding Serra da Leba mountain range, the city of Lubango to the southeast, and the the Atlantic Ocean to the west.


Lodging or camping are both possible in several locations roughly 10 km away from this location. The city of Lubango is also just 18 km to the southeast of Tundavala. To travel to this location, best to rent a car or join a guided tour.