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Disabled passenger's special assistance is completely free of charge – however, it must always be requested during the flight booking process. For a better response from our services, you will also need to describe which exact sort of assistance is required.


Find out about TAAG's available assistance depending on the case at hand:

  • For passengers suffering from reduced mobility but who are still able to climb up or down stairs and move inside the airplane cabin, a ramp wheelchair (WCHR) may be requested;
  • For passengers suffering from reduced mobility and unable to climb up or down stairs, a steps wheelchair (WCHS) can be requested;
  • Passengers who are very limited in their movements and depend on the help of others should travel accompanied (WCHC) for their own comfort and security. If the passenger claims to ensure his ability to move and wishes to travel alone, he/she may do so. TAAG accepts that such passengers may travel by themselves, but if a declaration of autonomy is presented by such passengers, no special onboard assistance will be provided (such as help with toilets, lifting, carrying, or feeding the passenger). If the passenger wishes to take his/her own wheelchair, the airline must be told beforehand (including the type of chair and battery).
  • Visually impaired passengers must inform TAAG of their condition at the moment of booking, even if they are traveling with their guide dog. Special assistance will be offered at the moment of boarding. The guide dog may be transported in the cabin of the airplane's cargo hold. For more information, see the animal transportation page.