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São Paulo’s Museum of Art is the repository for several major works of art by both Brazilian and international masters!

The architecture is unmistakeable, and the location is completely central. This is, after all, the city’s main museum: MASP, the São Paulo Museum of Art, where you can enjoy great artworks. The collection includes works from different eras, ranging from the modern and contemporary arts to the Renaissance and Classical Antiquity. The repository contains over eight thousand paintings, sculptures, photographs and other artworks from Brazil and from all the other continents in the world! The impressive wealth and range of this collection has resulted in MASP being considered the most important art museum in the South Hemisphere.


MASP was founded in 1947 by entrepreneur Assis Chateaubriand and in 1968 it was relocated to its current address at Avenida Paulista. Designed by Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, the building is a sort of suspended glass-windowed ark, supported by columns. Underneath it, there is a square where the public is welcomed and encouraged to use the museum space as a place for leisure.


Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm (ticket office open until 5:30pm)

Thursdays: 10am to 8pm (ticket office open until 7:30pm)

For more information on exhibitions, check the official website

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