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São Tomé has a local dish called Calulu, also traditional in Angola.

Dried fish or meat, shrimp, tomato, garlic, okra, spinach and oil palm are the indispensable ingredients. Funge — similar to mashed potatoes — is the side dish. Calulu is considered a rich delicacy, so it is normal for locals to prepare this dish for guests.

In Angola, this traditional dish has the same habits: is prepared in special occasions is used as a welcoming for those who came from the outside: foreigners or family.

A fresh beer or a glass of white/green wine are the best options to accompany the Calulu because of the permanent hot climate.


Calulu is a family meal and it is often prepared in the weekend. It´s also cooked for weddings, religious ceremonies and distributed near the churches.

This African dish was exported to Brazil, but with another name: Caruru. The brazilian one keep the large majority of the ingredients, but bring in some local delicacies. And, of course, only prepared in special occasions!


The weekend is the best period to eat Calulu in a São Tomé restaurant. At this time of the week it is served fresh.

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