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This fantastic natural reserve of dense forests, rich in biodiversity, with a total area of 320 km2, is divided by the two main islands: São Tomé and Principe.


There is no way to visit São Tomé and Príncipe without getting to know one of the most important protected areas on the African continent: Obo Natural Park. Its great biodiversity has always attracted the curiosity of the scientific community for several decades, but it was from 2006 - when it was designated as a nature reserve - that it began to attract tourists.

As for wildlife, get ready to see a little bit of everything: from monkeys to turtles, to bats to wild cats and to a wide variety of frogs. It is, however, in the bird realm that this São Tomé forest stands out. More than 50 species of birds can be found in Obo, of which 20 are unique in the world.

As the saying goes: it is a paradise on earth. A paradise on earth that still has one more surprise prepared for you: the Jalé beach. After a day of knowing the park from one end to the other, you will certainly want to step on the golden sand and soak in the warm waters of the Atlantic. A well-deserved rest in the shade of coconut palms and palm trees, of course.


It may be the most impressive landscape you will find when you are strolling through the natural park. This skyscraper built by nature measures more than 650 meters and will, certainly, be the stage of several photographs.


As the park is located on the island of São Tomé and on the island of Principe, an 8-hour visit is recommended so that you can see everything calmly. It is also important not to forget that, on Sunday and Monday, the park is closed.

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