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Visit Uíge and discover everything this land has to offer


Beu Forest Reserve
Located in the Northwest of Angola and covering an area of ​​1,400km2, it is an important natural resource and one of the country's preservation priorities, with a view to environmental sustainability. When walking along the trails of the Reserve, you can also see elephants, buffaloes, blue monkeys or antelopes.

Lagoon of 'Feitiço'

Where today we have this well-known Lagoon, the Ngungo Indua neighborhood once existed. People say that this neighborhood was submerged after the inhabitants of the village refused to help a man who passed through Ngungo Indua and predicted the storm. There is still another version of the story that in the days when the name Lagoa do Feitiço was given by a Portuguese who ignored the danger warnings of that lagoon and ended up losing his family on a picnic.
The most famous lake in Uíge has an unparalleled beauty and attracts many curious people.

Nzenzo Caves
The Nzenzo Caves were elected as one of the seven Natural Wonders of Angola. Known for their beauty, they are a point of reference in the province of Uíge and one of the biggest attractions in Angola. 

One way Economy

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