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Because there are more than boutiques and shopping centers in the Portuguese capital's trade! Get to know a (a)typical market, where you can find a little bit of everything, from old-fashioned crafts to 1st and 2nd-hand handicrafts.

The name does not live up to the market, at least not to what happens there in broad daylight. If the weather helps, there's a marketer to assemble the tent early, at 6 am, when the city still sleeps.

This fair exists since the 13th century and is the oldest in the city of Lisbon. Located in the heart of Alfama, next to the National Pantheon, the Feira da Ladra began to be known for its “bric-a-brac”, similar to the Portobello market in London or the Marché aux Puces in Paris. From antique cameras to vinyls, from books to secondhand clothes, this is the typical collector's spot, where you can also find a great offer of national tiles.

However, those who think that the Feira da Ladra has not evolved with the times, could not be more wrong. Nowadays it is already very common to see artisans selling their own pieces and you can leave the market with a very unique souvenir! In addition, and for being a place that appeals to tourism, due to its location, the fair is increasingly lively, with live music to cheer the hundreds of people who pass by. If it's not for the purchase, it's worth the visit!


Location: Campo de Santa Clara 

Schedule: Tuesdays and Saturdays. The schedule is not fixed, but in the summer it usually lasts until 5 or 6 pm and in the summer up to 2 pm.