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On one side, 24 restaurants, 8 bars and over a dozen shops. On the other side, the best meat, fish, fruit and flower sellers in town. Discover TimeOut Market!

A publishing brand and a centuries-old market
Recently, a traditional market joined forces with the energy of a publishing brand to create one of the most internationally renowned projects in Lisbon. The TimeOut Market gathers the city’s best food businesses and ideas at Mercado da Ribeira — on the same spot where we can find the publishing brand’s headquarters.

Despite its relatively recent building, the Mercado da Ribeira, one of Lisbon’s historic markets, has existed since 1100, when it was located at the old square Praça do Pelourinho. Around 1600 it became famous around Europe and, after the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755, it was forced to change its location. Over the years, it has expanded and attracted more merchants, shops and events. In 2010, after the founding of TimeOut magazine, the market was renewed and rebranded with a new concept which will soon be replicated around the world.


Where once you could find one of Lisbon’s best fresh produce markets, now you can find the best of both worlds: traditional local sales people and shops on one side, and the best restaurants and artists on the other.
All 24 restaurants on site cater to pretty much all tastes: you can try delights developed by Michelin-starred chefs, experience traditional Portuguese food or enjoy fish sandwiches, Asian dishes, Lisbon’s most famous ice creams or the typical local pastries. You will also find shops selling canned foods, wines, chocolates and much more!

At the end of the day, enjoy a drink at some of the best cocktail bars in town!


Besides all the restaurants, bars and shops, Mercado da Ribeira also invites you to learn, perfect and share your love for food with several workshops variados, meals with live cooking, programs and activities for children and courses for tourists.
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