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The Luando Natural Reserve has a great diversity of fauna and flora. Here you can find the giant sable antelope, one of the national symbols of Angola.

Located between the Luando and Kwanza rivers, the Luando Natural Reserve is a natural paradise that dazzles visitors, being the habitat of a great diversity of species.
It is in the Luando Natural Reserve that you will find the magnificent giant sable antelope, a rare animal that only exists in Angola and is considered a national icon. Originally, the reserve was created with the aim of preserving this unique species in the world. Here you can also see many other spectacular animals such as: hippos, lions, buffaloes, sitatungas, pukus, among many others. Discover this natural wonder!


The Luando Natural Reserve has an area of almost a million hectares and its access is only possible through 4x4 vehicle.